Useful Betting Tips

Useful Betting Tips

Betting in Bangladesh

Now betting is among the most widely popular activities on the globe. People from Bangladesh consider it their beloved hobby. They use different strategies and think differently to place a successful bet. However, it doesn’t always work out that way. This article will help you choose the very strategy that will bring you success as well as get you familiar with winning betting tips for various sports.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is a sport, which has fans all over the globe. Bangladesh as well as its neighboring countries are no exception. They feel some kind of adrenaline while watching this team game and sometimes they even become a member of some local cricket team. While watching it, a person wants to be more interested in all the event’s processes, that’s why placing a bet on it is a perfect decision.

There are lots of diverse international leagues and ordinary championships, which are represented in the bookies. The more famous you choose, the higher odds will be on it.

Free Cricket Betting Tips

If you feel that something often goes wrong while placing a bet, then you should improve your skills: try new strategies, compare the bookmakers’ conditions, and choose an event you strongly know about. Here are the main cricket betting tips, which will be useful both to newbies and professional bettors:

  • Think out what you’re going to bet on before you place your wager. There are various sorts of cricket contests. Games on the first level, where the meeting time and the number of innings are both regulated. Such games can run up to 5 days on average, with a daily playing session lasting 6 hours. Two-inning games with a set amount of overs. In most cases, such games are played in a single day, although they can last up to 6 hours.
  • Consider the climate in the country where the team came from. So, you can understand how effectively it can perform in another country. If the climates of these countries are similar, the team has every chance of winning, if they differ greatly, the probability of winning is much lower.
  • Pay attention to the behavior of the players. If you have watched previous matches and are accustomed to the behavior of all players, you will quickly and easily recognize if something is not right. Do not forget about this factor because it can be a decisive factor in helping you make a prediction.
  • Decide on the type of bet you are interested in. Bookmakers offer different types of them: a bet on the winner, a bet on the exact result, a bet on a certain event during a match, and so on. If you know what you’re betting on, you’ll be able to figure out what’s best for you to focus on.

Perhaps these are the main online betting tips related to cricket that both a beginner and an experienced bettor should remember.

Best Cricket Betting Sites

Below you can see a table of great cricket betting sites:

10cricThe name of the company helps you realize its main market – cricket. It offers many events of cricket as well as excellent odds on them. Here you will feel cozy thanks to its minimalistic design with white and black colors.
bet365The company called bet365 holds a leading position in the cricket markets. In addition to the line’s events, you will have the opportunity to read more about sports via its news page.
4rabet4rabet should be known as an innovative bookmaker with both beloved activities on one platform: gaming and betting. Moreover, these activities can be tried either in the classic mode or in the live one.
1xbetThe company, which is widely famous thanks to numerous ads, supplies its customers with various features: from classic betting markets to patient customer service and perfect interface.
22bet22bet might be not so well-known as 1xbet, for example, however, its services are awesome. You will unlikely find the cricket odds less than 1.5 here. Diverse types of bets are also represented on this platform.

Football Betting

Football betting is now quite developed in Bangladesh. This sports game is a betting classic, that is, you can find it in any bookmaker. Usually, football events, especially world leagues, have the highest odds!

Free Football Betting Tips

As in the case of cricket, football betting has its own characteristics. Those who mindlessly bet at first get a dose of adrenaline, and then are unusually upset by the outcome. To not be disappointed in your bet, you better use some of the betting tips below:

  • Check the odds. It’s better to check them in various bookmakers. For what? The thing is that bookies can rate the same event in different ways. Thus, when you compare them, you realize where they are more profitable and choose this bookie to place bets on football.
  • Get familiar with the experts’ opinions. On the Internet, there are lots of experts who make their own predictions on diverse results of matches. They tell them on YouTube and other social networks. You can find some blogs of such specialists and read what they think. Sometimes they share important winning betting tips.
  • Learn the teams’ histories. It is necessary to realize how good the relationship between the team is – team spirit and motivation to win depend on it. You will also be aware of all the players’ recent news including personal ones – they also can influence the result of the game.
  • Get acquainted with the statistics of previous matches. This point is obvious because by learning the statistics of at least the recent few years, you will understand the success of the team and will be able to predict its success or failure easily.

Best Football Betting Sites

Below you can see a table of great football betting sites:

1xbet1xbet was already described as a cool company for cricket wagering and it is also so in terms of football bets. It contains a huge number of diverse football events: from those of international level to local BD competitions.
ParimatchParimatch in terms of its advertisement can take the same place as 1xbet because everyone knows the name of this bookie. Here you will come across some helpful free football betting tips. Not all companies offer such an opportunity.
DafabetDafabet is a very generous brand providing a 34,500 BDT bonus for new-registered customers. They can use it by wagering it. In addition to a magnificent welcome offer, you will be pleased by the Dafabet line. It has all the world and continental football leagues.
BovadaHaving two main colors in the design – black and red, Bovada is recognized as an elegant platform with a user-friendly interface. Football is one of the most demanded markets in its line, betting on which is also available in the live mode.
1winThe company 1win makes an impression of heaven. Why? Because its site’s colors are white and blue. On this website, it is very convenient to enter different sections because all buttons are situated intuitively. Betting in Bangladesh on sports (especially, on football) is the main activity of the brand, however, it also has gambling features. 

How to place a bet at a bookmaker?

All the free betting tips written above are useful but the most crucial thing is the process of placing a bet itself. Here it is:

  1. Go to the bookie you have selected;
  2. Predict the result of some event that you have chosen too;
  3. Click on the wished odds;
  4. Enter the sum of your deposit and fund it via one of the payment options;
  5. Confirm it.

Bear in mind that to make a bet, you must be a registered user. Verification is also required, without it, you won’t be able to withdraw your winnings.


This article was full of amazing free betting tips, which are very helpful and crucial. Even if you have plenty of experience related to online betting, it is always great to refresh your knowledge about the betting process. Moreover, this article told mainly about cricket and football online betting tips. These two sports are top 2 among other markets in bookies, that’s why we are sure that you will use them. Break a leg!


  1. Is it hard to make a successful bet?

It depends on the people’s skills. They all are different: for some, it is very easy to use complex strategies with statistics to predict the right outcome, for others, it is too hard. However, sometimes it depends even more on luck because lots of outcomes happen by chance too.

  1. Do bonuses help me to place a winning bet?

No. Bonuses provide you with a chance to place one more or a few more bets but they can’t guarantee the success of the bet.

  1. Are the tips written in the article suitable for all bookies?

Of course. All betting tips shown above are basic, it doesn’t matter what bookie you use.