Privacy Policy

Personal information is awareness of a visitor, which makes it possible to recognize him as a private person. As a rule, these are contact details, full name, betting information, and so on. The institution uses the players’ data to provide the maximum quality of service, notifications about current offers or access restrictions if the rules of visiting the casino have been violated.

What information does the casino collect?

The first type of information that the casino collects is information that identifies or can reasonably identify an individual with reasonable efforts (“Personal Information”). The personal information that is collected may consist of the following data:

  • Account details. When you open a gaming account and register to use the services, the casino invites you to send us the following personal information: full name, email address, date of birth, age, personal photo, residential address, individual taxpayer number, phone number and occupation;
  • Government-issued identity card: In some cases, you may need to provide a copy of it to confirm your identity;
  • Information about gaming activities: In order to be able to provide services, we automatically record various information related to your account and use of our services, including in relation to your transactions, deposits, balances, bets, withdrawals and winnings;
  • Financial information: so that you can use all the functionality of the services (for example, place bets, make purchases, play tournaments, etc.).

Privacy Policy – General Provisions

When carrying out activities, the casino carries out a recheck of the received data of individuals. In order to strengthen the authority and proper implementation of regulatory legal acts of the legislation, the casino establishes that the preservation of the information provided by private persons, their correct verification is the main and most important task.

The Privacy Policy regulates the system for verification and non-disclosure of material and is aimed at protecting the rights of the subject, including information about family life. Such a document has the status of “publicly available” and implies that the casino operates on a conceptual basis in such an information process.

Processing of confidential information

In order to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to the casino for data analysis and storage, this procedure is carried out within the framework of regulatory legal acts, where the second party is physical entities, as well as in other legislative cases.

It is mandatory for an enterprise to comply with the basic rules, principles, and conditions that are determined by law when collecting and verifying subjective provisions: employees, candidates for vacant positions, customers, third parties who have entered into contractual relations with a service provider.

The casino analyzes the provided material within a period that corresponds to the fulfillment of the terms of the contract, is determined by the requirements of federal legislation, as well as within a period that does not interfere with the conduct of its own activities. Under the terms of the law, the casino has the right to submit a request-permission to the subject for monitoring activity. If a refusal is received, the services may not be provided.

The process can be carried out electronically or on paper and is carried out only by authorized representatives of the enterprise after all security measures have been established. In case of special cases, the company reserves the right to resort to the help of third parties.

Storage of personal information

If you have registered your gaming profile, the casino will store your personal information for the entire duration of your account. In addition, the casino will store your information for some additional time, which it may need to fulfill its legal obligations in accordance with applicable legislation or regulations, such as legal provisions on gambling, KYC and AML requirements, as well as to comply with contractual obligations that have been assumed.

Moreover, the casino may store your personal information for a longer period of time, provided that the storage of such information will be necessary to ensure legitimate interests, for example, to prevent fraud and record keeping, compliance with the principles of responsible gaming, filing or handling claims in respect of possible disputes.

How the casino uses personal information?

The casino uses your personal information for the purposes listed below:

  • Setting up, managing and updating your account;
  • Provision and management of services (for example, for processing bids and payments);
  • Communicating with you and informing you about the latest updates of our services and special offers;
  • To determine your VIP status;
  • Conducting analysis, statistics and research in order to improve and ensure an individualized approach to the provision of services in accordance with your needs.

Protection of personal information

The company is instructed not to disclose the provided material to third parties in the absence of the owner’s consent, unless there are other circumstances prescribed by Law. The main ways to save the subject’s personal information are:

  • Distribution of persons who will be responsible for the proper information process and the preservation of information;
  • Limiting the number of employees with such information;
  • Study by employees of regulatory and legal documents that regulate the procedure for non-disclosure and saving of the provided materials;
  • Establishment of the security regime of the premises where such information is located, implementation of the physical security of the carriers of the received material;
  • Providing cryptographic protection in cases of transmission via available communication channels.

Your rights

You can contact the casino at any time by e-mail (contact details are provided in the “Contacts” section) and request:

  • Grant access to or delete any personal information concerning you;
  • Change or update any personal information concerning you (for example, if you believe that your personal data is incorrect, you can ask to correct or delete them). Please note that you may also request that we correct errors in your personal information (except in cases where the information must be stored in its original format in accordance with applicable laws and regulations);
  • Restrict or terminate any further use of your personal information;
  • Provide personal information that you have voluntarily provided to us in a machine-readable format;
  • To revoke your consent to data processing (provided that such processing will be carried out by us with your consent, and not for any other legitimate reason).