Responsible gaming

Because providing responsible gambling is an essential component of the strategy for serving the Clients, we devote a lot of attention to the difficulties that may develop as a consequence of being addicted to gambling. We firmly think that it is our direct responsibility to safeguard the players from any excessive propensity for gambling and to prohibit participation in gambling by anybody under the age of 18.

Our goal is to provide a service that is as convenient and useful as is humanly possible, one that is well suited for enjoyable leisure activities. Regrettably, despite its obvious appeal as a pastime activity, gambling may, for some players, quickly become an addiction. We not only fully support and defend the globally recognized responsible gaming policy, but we also do everything in our power to ensure that our customers have an enjoyable and safe gaming experience during which they do not lose control.

Maintaining self-control and control

Gambling in a bookmaker’s office is only a form of entertainment; it is a productive way to pass some free time, to take pleasure in watching one’s favorite team play, and to make friends with other people who have similar interests among the other people who bet. While you are engaging in risky activities such as gambling and watching sporting events during your free time, you must always bear in mind that you need to practice extreme caution.

Every person who participates in online games must constantly keep in mind:

  • You should never lose common sense;
  • If you lose, you should not immediately try to win back because there is always a chance to win the next time;
  • You must only start the game on the condition that you will only spend the readily available amount and no more;
  • Always pay attention to the amount of time and money you spent on the game. Gambling is just a way to spend leisure time and is not a way to earn money.

The Treatment and Prevention of Gaming Addiction

There is a minority of gamblers who are afflicted with gaming addiction, but the vast majority of individuals engage in gambling simply because they find it to be an entertaining form of leisure. The findings of the most recent studies reveal that an extremely small percentage of individuals are affected by the issue that is referred to as gaming addiction. However, we pay a lot of attention to that issue, and we strongly urge that those who participate in betting constantly keep in mind that:

  • Because gambling is predicated on the law of probability, there are no “formulas” or “systems” that can ensure a victory;
  • The desire to gamble must come solely from the individual themselves;
  • Gambling is a kind of entertainment and not a method to get rich quickly or pay off debts; you need always pay attention to the amount of money you spend on the game and when you play, you need to always know the laws of the game.

It may be challenging to tell the difference between a healthy interest in gaming and an unhealthy addiction to it. However, there are various indicators that may point to the fact that the people involved in the betting start to have troubles.

You are thus requested to provide responses to ten questions. If you answered yes to at least five of the questions, there is a good chance that you already have a problem with being addicted to video games.

  •     Do you consider gambling to be a serious activity?
  •     Are you consistently upping the ante on all of your bets?
  •     Do you have to borrow money in order to gamble?
  •     Do you frequently play for longer than you had originally planned?
  •     Your reputation may suffer if you frequently visit the betting office; is this the case?
  •     Do you find yourself frustrated or dissatisfied when you are unable to take part in betting activities?
  •     Do you find that participating in gambling helps you forget about your problems?
  •     Do you find that you frequently have to win back?
  •     Did you attempt and manage the amount you gambled but fail, as well as the length of time you spent at the gambling venue?
  •     Don’t you feel guilty about keeping your gambling hobby a secret from your family?
  •     Some Pieces of Advice to Keep Your Gambling Under Control:
  •     Set a time limit for yourself in advance for how much time you will spend at the betting office watching the game;
  •     Establish a personal limit for the amount of money you are willing to lose, and do not exceed that amount at any time; Gambling should never need you to take out a loan;
  •     You should look for a new activity and see if you can integrate it with the game;
  •     You should never go to any gambling establishment if you are in a poor mood, depressed, or otherwise out of temper. Participation in the game is voluntarily excluded.

In the event that you want to terminate your casino account, please get in touch with our Customer Support team. You will be able to reopen your account in the vast majority of instances, and this choice will be available to you. If, on the other hand, you request that the account be closed indefinitely, we will comply with your demand under any and all circumstances, and the store will not be allowed to reopen.